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Raid and loot guidelines for Last Guild Standing - Pyrewood Village


1. Objective

The objective of this article is to establish how the raid and loot system works for guild only raids by Last Guild Standing.


2. Addon section

The addon that is used is called Monolith DKP, it is a fully in game DKP system.

Download at:


It is mandatory for every person raiding to have the addon installed, it will make viewing of your current DKP possible and is essential for maintaining the system and will save time in the long run. If you are eligible to ‘bid’ on an item you have to type ‘!bid’ in the raid chat or in whisper to the Loot Master when bidding is open. You will get a confirmation whisper that your ‘bid’ was registered, if you don’t get a whisper back something went wrong. You can cancel a bid by typing ‘!bid cancel’.


Typing /dkp will show the DKP table and options that are available to you. The DKP table will also be visible on the website in the future.


3. Loot system

The loot system will be based on three principles:

3.1 Main Spec over Off Spec

This means people that want an item only get to ‘bid’ if the item is useful for your main spec.



  • This means that if you are a DPS caster you get priority on +dmg/healing items over a healer (unless there is no BiS +healing item available for healers) or it is a clear upgrade for a healer and no DPS caster wants the item
  • This also means that a shadow priest does not get priority for +healing items;
  • This also means that if you are a sword spec rogue you won’t get priority over a dagger rogue if a dagger drops;
  • A dps warrior will have first dibs on dps warrior loot (i.e. a 2h weapon with good dps stat) over for instance a Paladin or Hunter;
  • Et cetera


The decision what specs get to bid on an item is up to the Loot Master or Officers.


3.2 Loot council for special items

As an extension to the Main Spec over Off Spec rule the officers and guildmaster will decide in certain rare cases who or what classes gets to ‘bid’ on an item or plain simply who gets an item. The reasoning for this is to allow certain loot, that will contribute much to the raid performance of the guild as a whole, to be assigned to the ‘right’ class or person. Or the right person in the sense that you want a legendary item to go to a valuable member of the guild. Loot council is only used for weapons and trinkets that are BiS for a specific class and certain items or tanking gear.



  • All legendary drops (for instance: Eye of Sulfuras, Bindings of the Windseeker)
  • 1h and 2h weapons (for instance Nightfall)
  • Certain trinkets
  • Other powerful items that are essential for raid progression (like tanking gear)


Loot council is not meant to assign a certain item to one person or show ‘favouritism’ but to decide on the best use of the item under consideration. When multiple people are eligible the current DKP ranking will then be taken into account and the highest DKP eligible player will win the loot. The only exception to this rule are tanks, tanks will always get priority on certain items regardless of DKP ranking.


The loot council needs to take in account factors such as:

  • Does the main tank or off tank(s) need this item? Tanks can get items with priority regardless of current DKP ranking
  • What class or which person contributes the most to raids if he/she has a certain weapon or item?
  • Raid attendance, if someone has a poor attendance record or is a new member to the guild it can be a reason to deny a person the right to ‘bid’ on an item that is under loot council


[Note: If someone already has one of the two bindings of the windseeker he or she gets automatic priority for the second binding]


3.3 Separate DKP tables and systems per instance Tier

The intention is to have seperate DKP ranking for tiers of raiding. The system for Molten Core and Onyxia is zero sum with static item prices and there are no bonuses, so no DKP is rewarded for attending or standing by if the raid is full. People are still allowed to ‘bid’ even when their DKP is negative. This is done to make the T1 DKP system simple and low maintenance.


The DKP raid tiers are:

  1. T1: Molten Core & Onyxia
  2. T2 Blackwing Lair
  3. T3 AQ40
  4. T4 Naxx


20 man raids will be DKP free /roll based and open for alts. However Mains will go over Alts when filling these raids.


The separate DKP tables for raid tiers are introduced because:

  • It will allow is to use different DKP tables for Raids that are on farm and progression raids. When BWL is introduced incentives will be used  attendance and first boss kill for instance). This will also mean that DKP decay will be used to balance the system. This means attending BWL regularly means you have a higher chance of getting loot
  • It prevents people from only farming DKP in Molten Core and then spending it all in Blackwing Lair
  • After a raid tier is farmed and people have most of the things they want it will also allow us to have Alts joining a raid tier without punishing the DKP through decay or of your main char or ‘contaminating’ the DKP table of the next raid tier 4 Roles
  • Raid leader: In charge of the raid, whatever the Raid Leader decides goes; During a raid the Raid Leader outranks every officer;
  • Loot Master: Person in charge of assigning loot and picking up all BoE / Crafting materials and sending them to the Guild Bank after the raid;
  • Officers: Officers are backup for the Raid Leader and provide input for Loot Council in officer chat;
  • Guild Master: The Guild Master does whatever the Guild Master does..
  • HR: Don’t ask..


5 Guild bank

Items that are taken by the guild bank are:

  • All crafting materials (ore, cores, leather, onyxia scales etc from raid instances)
  • Blue Bind on Equip (unless they are an upgrade for people)
  • Purple Bind on Equip if no one needs them


The objective of the Guild Bank is:

  • To provide rare crafting materials for raid equipment
  • Raise funds to finance our raids (think buying flasks/potions etc)
  • Future other possibilities..


The Guild Bank is managed by the Guild Master.


6 Conflicts / complaints

While we realise no system is perfect and everyone feels they deserve loot more than others the guild officers will always strive to be as impartial and fair as possible.


And remember showing a little courtesy and support for your guildies by passing on loot or being happy for them is almost just as good a feeling as getting loot for yourself. If however you do feel like you need to complain you can take it up with the HR officer at your own risk…